API Documentation

Basic Developer's Guide

Requesting upload URL

The basic method to upload a file is to get the upload URL by requesting https://api.giga.gs/getUploadUrl provided with the public or your private token.

$ curl https//api.giga.gs/getUploadUrl?token=$token click here to get public token

Uploading a file

$ curl -F [email protected]"/path/of/your/file.mp4" https//$uploadServer.giga.gs/upload?token=$token
$ curl -F [email protected]"/path/to/your/file.mp4" https://$uploadServer.giga.gs/upload -H 'token: $token'

Upload response format

See: upload response

Please take note: If response success is true, the url will be replaced by a direct link of the uploaded file.

Creating private token

Creating private token must be requested using POST method.

$ curl https://api.giga.gs/createtoken -d username=$user -d password=$pass

Verifying private token

Verifying your private token in several ways using POST/GET method.

$ curl https://api.giga.gs/session -d username=$user -d password=$pass
$ curl https://api.giga.gs/session -d token=$token

Retrieving files

$ curl https://api.giga.gs/getfiles -d token=$token
$ curl https://api.giga.gs/getfiles -d token=$token -d page=$page
$ curl https://api.giga.gs/getfiles -d token=$token -d page=$page -d limit=$limit

Removing files

$ curl https://api.giga.gs/archive -d token=$token -d filehash=$filehash

A $filehash is a combination of video id and hash information, see /upload and /getfiles.

Example, of a filehash video id concatenated with hash using underscore GxmRGg969aWaRgJO_f70c7a4c85dbd0fcdf40aa8e6942f80c

$ curl https://api.giga.gs/archive -d token=$token -d filehash=GxmRGg969aWaRgJO_f70c7a4c85dbd0fcdf40aa8e6942f80c

Files set to archive are deleted in hard drive, but file information remains for 30 days.

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